Horroreads is now live!

Horroreads, our Android app for reading short stories is now available on the Play Store, free of charge: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scribendo.horroreads

Horroreads features stories and photographic content from genres such as Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Occult and many more. We are constantly pushing high quality short stories and images; in fact we publish new content multiple times a day.

Some of Horroreads features are:

  • Thousands of stories from a big variety of genres
  • Thousands of images such as drawings and interesting pictures around the world
  • Free updates: you can read and watch the above for free and unlock even more if you want to
  • Read stories offline: save your favorite stories and read them anywhere – no need for an Internet connection
  • Download images on your device and set them as wallpaper within the app

Horroreads is the best short stories app for Android. Don’t miss out! Download the best horror app for Android, it’s free!